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In an effort, to assist others in reaching their potential and turning their dreams into reality I wanted to create a coaching program to address a few speed bumps that keep us from reaching out potential.

I myself have to overcome my own speed bumps of getting started and not having all the support and encouragement needed to close the gap from where we I am and where I want to go and who I want to become. 

This is why a group of people seeking progress reaches success quicker.

Have you ever heard, “Practice Makes Perfect?”

I’m sure you have. All I have to say is…that’s bullcrap! 

I mean think about it. If you a practicing wrong you are perfectingly practicing wrong. 

Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

So, I’m sure you would agree that practice does not make perfect. The mindset of practice makes perfect is what causes people to not start until it’s perfect which is too late.

Perfection is an Enemy

I created a brand new group called Progress Over Perfection to help assist and overcome this mindset of perfection to help people get started in seeking progress and not perfection.

Often times people do not begin their journey because they want things to be perfect. Waiting to launch or starting until perfection, leads to anxiety and another idea wasted because we wanted the best version the very first time.

That is why I wanted a group to assist each other in an online community to support each other to reach our goals together.

This will be a group where positive and motivating messages are used to challenge you to be your best each day. 

In a group format the collective energy will help each of us stay encouraged. We will be developing friendships by sharing our personal stories and challenges leading with positive energy for others to succeed. 

I have been looking forward to a new passion project and doing something brand new and the time is now with Progress Over Perfection Coaching Group.

Please join this brand new community of people choosing to seek progress over perfection because perfection is an enemy.

Looking forward to serving you,


Boom Shocka!

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