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LifePro Benefits Group, LLC helps small business owners, overworked HR departments and health insurance brokers with benefits administration, benefits education and benefits enrollment to increase employee engagement, maximize workplace performance, and provide safety and security.

We specialize in training & development by following adult learning principles by analyzing, designing, developing, implementing and evaluating performance improvement plans.

Phone: 312-857-3243
Email: byron@lifeprobenefitsgroup.com

HOW I DO IT: I am a human resource development professional and an Illinois health & life licensed insurance agent with Aflac. We provide AED sales, supplemental benefits & business consulting, health & wellness design and new employee training. I work with clients that have 50 employees or less.

WHO I WORK WITH: I work with health insurance brokers, small business owners and overworked HR Departments with 50 employees or less – from Fortune 100 companies and Start-up Ventures to Veteran Service Organizations, such as the American Legion.

MY BACKGROUND: I am a six year US Army Medical Specialist Veteran, with documented success in training & development and leadership development. I have a proven track record of improving performance utilizing adult learning principles, curriculum design, insurance consulting, medical/patient care and designing new employee training plans.

Specialties: Benefit Education, Benefits Enrollment, Benefits Education Consulting, Performance Improvement Specialist, Trainer, Speaker, Sales Manager, Strategic Planner, Instruction Design, Organizational Needs Analysis, First Aid/CPR Instructor.

The founder Byron Watson is Post Commander, of Paul Revere American Legion, Post 623 and serves others and community by investing and teaching other benefits and resources offered through this non-profit veteran service organization. Paul Revere Post 623, is a smaller post with a big heart and a big vision dedicated to serve our veterans, youth and the community.

There is a need to connect the community to the many resources available to make informed decision when concerned with economic, financial, and health care planning.

Committed to, “Adding Positive Value to the Lives of Others, Individuals, Families, Organizations, and Communities,” our goal is to connect the proper people with the proper resources continue to educate and equip learners during all stages in life: high school, adult learners including senior citizens through strategic partnerships like the Aflac, American Legion and Illinois Joining Forces.

His seven years experience as an insurance consultant will help accomplished serving the needs of the community by disseminating information through student government associations, parent teacher organizations and other non profit groups and organizations.

By designing and implementing a successful system of encouraging, coaching, and making resources available for a successful life long filled of learning in Life Improvement.

He loves sharing stories as he teaches classes to help relate real life scenarios we face everyday to classroom theories of medical classes.  Many are surprised at how much we already know when we walk into a classroom.

He feels and believes learning CPR and keeping abreast of the changes is a vital life skill every person, family member and neighbor should know.  Saving Lives!

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