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Easing Benefits Administration, Education & Enrollment for Small Business Owners and Overworked HR Departments


LifePro Benefits Group, LLC,  provides workplace solutions to create healthier organizations through innovative benefits administration, education and enrollment for small business owners and overworked human resources departments to have a more engaged and loyal workforce.

The Importance of having Automated External Defibrillators for Home & Office

There are new laptop-sized equipment hitting the market these days and the news is that, they can save lives. But how true is this? With the shocking statistics behind death from sudden cardiac arrests (SCAs) escalating every day, isn’t it great that this equipment is now available for home and personal use? According to the American Heart Association, the SCA survival rate in the U.S. is currently less than seven percent. In the time past, this equipment was only available to the guys in the white lab coats overall in hospitals. Now, you can have them even though you are on boxers. Purchase AEDs here!

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​How Would You Pay for a $400 Medical Emergency?

Business owners started their businesses to make a profit, not give it away to the insurance companies. It is a shame that the backbone of our economy is forced by the health insurance industry to keep raising premiums while squeezing profits from their businesses. This causes business owners to reduce health insurance coverage, making the business and their employees vulnerable to financial ruin. The data clearly shows that employees cannot afford to get sick or injured. Continue reading...

Byron Watson

LifePro Benefits Group, LLC

Performance Improvement Planning

The first step in Performance Improvement Planning is to conduct a thorough Analysis, to identify strengths and weakness. Once we have identified what, where and why we are being held back from our desired performance, then we can work on bridging the gap to Improve Performance. We will Develop and Design a customized plan to improve performance based on personal desires and outcomes, where it be in our Personal and Business worlds. The Next step is creating an Implementation plan for successful outcomes and we then we will Evaluate for Maximum Efficiency.

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First Aid/CPR for Non-Healthcare Workers

Pediatric First Aid/CPR

Basic Life Support for Healthcare Workers

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